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Our Mission:

A-Drift Marine Surveyors will provide comprehensive and impartial Marine surveys regarding the integrity, condition, and value of the boat being surveyed and support our clients in using that information. We are your choice for a Marine Surveyor.

The Survey Has a Limited Lifetime

A boat survey should be considered a snapshot in time, good for only the day that it is done. Weather, water excursions, and even dry dock damage can change the condition of a boat. You should never rely on an old survey to accurately represent the condition of a boat, and you certainly shouldn't expect a financing company to do so either.

Choosing a Surveyor

You'll want to choose a surveyor that you think will do an accurate survey for a reasonable price. The survey is the single best tool you have to make a wise financial boat decision, so make sure you have a quality surveyor doing the job.

A Marine survey is an important FIRST step in the purchase of a new or used boat. Just as you should have an inspection when purchasing a home, the same care and diligence should be used in selecting a boat. The safety of yourself, your friends and relatives depends on it! A decision of this magnitude should not be left to chance.

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Old Globe
Ship's Wheel

Mark Bevans

  • Graduate of Chapman School of Seamanship

  • ABYC Member

  • I Live on the water in Bayou Vista Texas. 

  • I have been involved in boating my entire life.

  • Most surveys completed within 48 hours.

  • Prompt, high quality surveys.

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